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About Our Growing Approach - Agroecology:

Agroecology is a form of art, movement, practice, and process of social and ecological transformation that involves the re-evaluation of our sacred relationships with land, water, air, seeds, and food; (re)recognizes humans as co-creators that are an aspect of the planet’s life support systems; values the Afro-Indigenous experience of reality and ways of knowing; visualizes the importance of women and feminine energies as vital to our collective liberation; cherishes ancestral and communal forms of knowledge, experience, and lifeways that began in Africa and continue throughout the Diaspora; and is rooted in the agrarian traditions, legacies, and struggles of the Black experience in the Americas.


What we feel is especially unique to our practice of agroecology is our urban context. It’s because we’re situated in an urban context that we find it critical to define what agroecology means for us. More than anything, we hope that this text will capture the spirit of farmer-to-farmer education. The Black Experience in the Americas has always been, by circumstance and by purpose, inextricably tied to the land and to forms of Agrarian Subsistence and Resistance, i.e. Maroon Societies, Quilombolas in Brazil, Palenques in Colombia, Garifuna and the Gullah/ Geechee Peoples, Freedom Farm Cooperative, Carvers Experimentation Wagon, Federation of Southern Co-Ops, Moon Farmers, etc. These historic experiences are both living testaments and examples for our collective study, as we understand and continue organizing efforts that carve out a way forward that supports the liberation of Black People, and the salvation and healing of our Mother Earth.

Planned Crops for the 2023 Growing Season:

Below you'll find a listing of the produce we're planning to grow at Oasis Farm & Fishery for the 2023 season. Our Farm features an African American Heritage Garden and we do grow some vegetables that are often hard-to-locate in the Pittsburgh Region.  Our Lagos Spinach is a good example and has been popular with our subscribers and supporters.  Our Farm also includes an accessible Edible Park that is expanding each year. Those crops are not included below; but we hope to add them soon! Please remember that growing conditions, seed availability and other factors vary annually and affect the success rate of our harvests; so please check in with us if you have any questions about the availability of specific items that are shown.

 Opopeo Amaranth
Dragon's Tongue Beans.png
 Dragon's Tongue Beans
Astro Arugula.png
 Astro Arugula
Red Beans.png
 Red Beans
Carminat Beans.png
 Carminat Beans
 Bibb Lettuce
Black-Eyed Peas.jpeg
 Black-Eyed Peas
Bok Choy.jpeg
 Bok Choy
Dragon Carrot.png
Orange Blaze Carrot.png
 Dragon Carrots
 Orange Carrots
 Alabama Blue Collards
Champion Collards.png
 Champion Collards
Green Glaze Collards.png
 Green Glaze Collards
Bloody Butcher Corn.png
 Bloody Butcher Corn
Double Standard Corn.png
Glass Gem Corn.png
 Double Standard Corn
 Glass Gem Corn
Diva Cucumber.png
 Diva Seedless Cucumber
Mexican Sour Cucumber.png
 Mexican Sour Cucumber
Slicing Cucumber.png
 Slicing Cucumber
Orient Express Eggplant.png
 Orient Express Eggplant
 Traviata Eggplant
Kalebration Baby Kale Mix.png
 Kalebration Baby Kale Mix
Scarlet Kale.png
 Scarlet Kale
Red Planet Lettuce Blend.png
 Red Planet Lettuce Blend
 Clemson Spineless Okra
Hill Country Red Okra.png
White Velvet Okra.png
Black Peanuts.png
 Hill Country Red Okra
 White Velvet Okra
 Black Peanuts
Scotch Bonnet Chili Peppers.png
Yankee Bell Peppers.png
Adirondack Blue Potatoes.png
 Scotch Bonnet Chili Peppers
 Yankee Bell Peppers
 Adirondack Blue Potatoes
 Vivaldi Potatoes
Yukon Gold Potatoes.png
 Yukon Gold Potatoes
Bellatrix Pumpkin.png
 Bellatrix Pumpkin
Bel Fiore Raddichio.png
 Bel Fiore Raddichio
Upland Rice.png
 Upland Rice
Sugar Snap Peas.png
 Sugar Snap Peas
Bloomsdale Spinach.png
 Bloomsdale Spinach
Callaloo Amaranth Spinach.png
Chicago Callaloo Spinach.png
 Callaloo Amaranth Spinach
Chicago Callaloo Spinach
Efo Shoko (Lagos) Spinach.png
] Efo Shoko Spinach
Waterleaf (Efo Gbure) Spinach.png
 Waterleaf (Efo Gbure) Spinach
Egusi Melon Squash.png
Green Striped Cushaw Squash.png
 Equisi Melon Squash
 Green Striped Cushaw Squash
Sweet Potato.jpeg
 Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard.jpeg
 Red Swiss Chard
 Tat soi  .jpeg
Beefsteak Tomatoes.png
 Beefsteak Tomatoes
Brandywine Tomatoes.png
 Brandywine Tomatoes
 Moyamensing Tomatoes
Paul Robeson Tomatoes.png
 Paul Robeson Tomatoes
Plate de Haiti Tomatoes.png
 Plate de Haiti Tomatoes
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