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We are on a mission to grow food, grow people, and grow community!

Oasis Farm & Fishery is a black-owned and led one-of-a-kind urban Bio-Market Garden located in Pittsburgh's Homewood neighborhood.  We grow quality, hyper-local produce and provide urban farming education for people of all ages.

Oasis Farm & Fishery is an educational initiative of The Oasis Project, the community and economic development division of Bible Center ChurchWe exist to teach and apply urban farming techniques and equip youth and adults to grow their own food and cook healthy recipes using fresh produce. 

Our farm has a direct current (DC) powered greenhouse that stores 1,750 gallons of reclaimed rainwater and includes aquaponic and hydroponic food production systems. We also have a 24-panel solar canopy and an outdoor kitchen equipped with a brick pizza oven. Our surrounding property includes an outdoor classroom, a straw bale garden, a satellite farm, and an African American heritage garden. All of which are used for outreach programming. 

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Topics for in-person lessons, tours and field trips 

  • Benefecial Bugs
    Students will learn about the world of insects and spiders and how they help farmers and gardeners all over the world. Through pollination and eating harmful insects, without these amazing creatures, we wouldn’t have enough food to eat on a daily basis.
  • Aquaponics/Urban Farming
    Activity: Prepare food using produce students harvest from our farm Students will receive a tour of the Oasis Farm and Fishery Bioshelter and learn about the aquaponics system. Students will also learn about the growing trend of urban farming and the technologies that are being used to grow food in cities where the majority of people are living.
  • Nutrients & the needs of plants
    Activity: Students will create an Origami pot and start their own seed. Students will learn about the needs of nutrients for plants to grow and thrive in a proper environment. Students will also learn how humans eat plants of different colors to gain nutrients they need to thrive and why it’s important to eat a Rainbow diet.
  • Parts of the plant
    Activity: Students will prepare a "Parts of the Plant" Stir Fry utilizing plants and herbs grown on the farm Students will learn the different parts of a plant and their function. Students will work hands-on in the Bioshelter and outdoor classroom to explore the different plants and observe the functions of the roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, and seed.
  • Storm Water Management
    Activity: Students will design their own Lego city with green infrastructure Students will learn about the harmful effects of stormwater runoff in the city and learn ways to solve the program. We will examine the property in which they are at and point our potential problems
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