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Self-Determination & Agency, featuring Tacumba Turner

Oasis Farm & Fishery's Tacumba Turner joined Sincerely Yours, Outdoors host Marcus Shoffner for the podcast's 9th Episode. Turner shares how he started in food sustainability, how he's cultivating self-determination and agency in the Homewood community, and details about the programs available at Oasis Farm and Fishery.

Sincerely Yours, Outdoors is a podcast dedicated to story-telling of black and brown people and their experiences and love for the outdoors. The program features authentic stories of origin, liberation, and empowerment from outdoor professionals, enthusiasts, and newcomers. Sincerely Yours, Outdoors is proudly presented by The Outdoor Inclusion Coalition, a non-profit centered around attracting, engaging, and retaining BIPOC communities in the outdoors.

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