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Oasis Farm & Fishery's Learning Village Model Featured in Remake Learning's Moonshot Guide

The image shows an excerpted page from the Moonshot guide featuring the Learning Village Model.  Drawings of a greenhouse and butterfly adorn the text.  In the lower right corner is a picture of farm volunteers at work in a field of crops.
Oasis Farm & Fishery relies on The Learning Village Model to support miltidirectional, multigenerational, community-based learning.

In May 2023, the Remake Learning Network published its latest mission report, Moonshot: A Guide to Bold & Experimental Thinking in Education, as a resource for educators seeking new ideas for turning dreams into reality. The goal is to make learning engaging, relevant, and equitable for today's young people.

Oasis Farm & Fishery's Learning Village Model is highlighted in the report on pages 51-54. The Learning Village Model is an initiative focused on the lived overlaps between racial and environmental justice. The model provides a lifelong path of learning and leadership tailored specifically to Black and low-income learners.

To access and download a pdf of the full report, please view the publication announcement available at:

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