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Oasis Farm & Fishery and OBB’s Junior Green Corps are excited to launch an affordable "Veggie Subscription" that supplies a box of locally-grown, seasonal produce to subscribers bi-weekly, with the option to add on local value-added products. This program, complete with free delivery for subscribers who are Homewood residents, aims to conveniently increase Homewood residents’ access to healthy, fresh foods while supporting local community-based organizations that prioritize grassroots engagement and environmental justice.  

Our goal is to use veggie subscription income to supplement restorative work in our communities while providing the best quality, fresh, local produce.

How It Works:

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1. Order

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2. Get Delivery or Pick-Up

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3. Enjoy!


The Homewood Collective Veggie Subscription Program is modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative. Subscribers register and pay in advance for an entire season of farm-grown produce supplied bi-weekly (every other week) during pick-up times or delivered to subscribed Homewood residents.


Subscribers receive the freshest produce directly from the growing gardens in Homewood. Participating supports the environment and local small businesses, We provide 4-pound boxes of delicious fresh off the stem or root, rinsed and bagged produce to be picked up or delivered.

By committing to farm-fresh vegetables, you ensure a nutrient-packed seasonal diet for yourself and your loved ones! Our subscribers report consuming more vegetables after joining our program, and they look forward to connecting with our growers each week during the pick-up.


Our crop plan is designed to ensure that you receive a diverse assortment of vegetables with each distribution. We strive to ensure that each weekly share includes a balanced mix of root crops, leafy greens, and fruiting crops! However, when some items (i.e. tomatoes, kale, zucchini, etc.) may appear for several consecutive weeks during their peak season.


In addition to these benefits, customers who commit to the Supporter Subscriptions will receive the following:

  • Exclusive Merchandise

  • Ask a Farmer

    • Get expert advice for all of your garden-related questions at our weekly 'Ask a Farmer' workshops! Join in person with Farmer Fitzhugh aka the Plant Doctor at Oasis Farm & Fishery (7238 Fleury Way Pittsburgh, PA 15208) every Thursday from 5:00- 6:00 PM and/ or online with Farmer Hayly every Friday from 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM.


The Homewood Collective Veggie Subscription will operate from May 20, 2022, to November 4, 2022, with approximate biweekly shares, totaling 12 subscription boxes over six months.


Subscribers will confirm their order by Friday the week before via an online form sent to their registered email this will include information about the contents of the upcoming Veggie Subscription distribution and whether they will receive home delivery OR pick-up on-site. Subscribers do not have to be home to receive deliveries, as long as they have completed payment before delivery. Subscribers who opt for on-site pick-up may have the option to select alternate produce items to customize their box.


Every Friday, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
7238 Fleury Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15208


To receive your subscription via delivery there is an additional fee of $10 per month.

Spring / Summer Subscription
One Season of bi-weekly deliveries

(6 total subscriptions)
May 22nd - July 22nd 2022

Fall Subscription
Two seasons of bi-weekly deliveries

(6 total subscriptions)
August 26th - November 4th 2022


We believe that access to fresh, healthy food is a right and should not be limited by economic status. It is with this in mind that we offer a sliding scale of payment options. All Veggie Subscriptions will receive the same amount and quality of produce (4 lb box containing 8 to 10 items valued at approximately $25) regardless of the price you pay.  The sliding scale offers an affordable option for all community members. At the time of registration, you will choose one of the following subscription types: 

Loyal to the Soil (accessible): This subscription is subsidized for community members who experience financial barriers. Fresh, healthy food is a right, NOT a luxury.

Deeply Rooted (regular): This subscription reflects the true cost associated with the fruits of our labor. This cost is also on par with the cost of other CSA options available in the region. 


Proud to Pay (supporter): This subscription is for those community members who view the Homewood Collective Veggie Subscription as an opportunity to further the missions of our partner organizations(oasis Farm and Fishery and Junior Green Corps). At this level, Subscribers are investing in programming beyond our farm operations including youth and workforce development, environmental justice, and grassroots advocacy. You are also an essential ingredient in creating an equitable and just food system by sponsoring our Accessible Subscriptions.

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Veggie Subscription customers can pay in full or in two equal installments. Payment (full or first installment) is due at the time of registration (Ideally by May 13). If paying in installments, the second payment is due by July 8th. Payment should be made with debit/credit cards online. Checks should be made payable to Bible Center with Veggie Sub in the memo and mailed to Veggie Sub c/o Oasis Farm and Fishery, 7238 Fleury Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15208.


In our commitment to accessibility, if you need additional payment accommodations, please contact us at

Ready to join?

Use the button below to register and make your payment for the Homewood Collective Veggie Subscription today!

Email our Farmer Tacumba at for more info.

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