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Growing Food, Growing People, Growing Community

Planting Seeds of Hope & Celebration

Nourishment to enliven good health and well-being

Oasis Farm & Fishery is a black-owned and led, one-of-a-kind, urban Bio-Market Garden located in Pittsburgh's Homewood neighborhood.  We grow quality, hyper-local produce and provide urban farming education for people of all ages.

Make Our Farm, Your Farm!

Welcome to our Community! Here are three simple ways to get involved:


Just like farms, communities thrive on growth, co-creation and stewardship. 

We offer custom-built and reccurring educational programs and events; volunteer workdays and internships; and opportunities for partnership or philanthropic support. 


Discover Local Food Ways

 Our work explores the intersections of food in culture, traditions, and history.


Learn more about what we grow!

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Facing the Four Directions

Our guiding principles direct our work together and evolve a shared experience


Learning Through Food

We grow healthy, culturally significant food and empower our neighbors to do the same. As a
local source of both nutritional and hard-to-find produce in Homewood, we reduce financial and
social barriers to food. We distribute our harvest locally through our Veggie Subscription
program and at the Homewood Farm Stand.


Our educational programs equip youth and elders alike to grow, prepare, and celebrate healthy
food for themselves and their loved ones. We connect the dots between how our environment
sustains and nourishes us; provide nutrition and cooking education; and lift up the inequities that
have disconnected us from our food and land. We honor and enable intergenerational wisdom.

Developing Healthy People


We honor the Afro/Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous People of this land and their sustainable practices through the teaching of pre-colonial foods and lifestyles. We encourage community members to reconnect with the land on which they live, work, and play. In our garden, programs, and events, we invite opportunities to learn about and share in cultural and ancestral foodways.

Using Traditional Means


We sustainably repurpose vacant land into spaces for collaboration, play, learning, and
environmental justice. Areas like our Edible Park and Nook foster community health over time.
Our Integrated Plant Health Management Plan reinvigorates soil and employs crop rotations,
insect netting, beneficial insects, and raised beds to reduce the need for harsh chemicals.

Revitalizing Community Spaces


We are located at the corner of  Fleury Way and Sterrett St. in Homewood, with additional eco campus sites situated within a two-block walking distance.


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